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Our Values


We are a small company with values and these provide us with a lense by which we make our decisions. They act as our compass to guide our journey.


Here they are. Let us know what you think


1. Family comes first. We want to make Freda'sBarn a success, but that will never be at the expense of our family. We want to take part in our kids growing up and not just watch them;


2. We are design led. We are creatives at heart and we want to design and handmake original products;


3. We are community focused. We passionately believe in the importance of community and we constantly look to source as much raw material from local businesses.


4. We support the next generation. They are the future of our society and we work in partnership with schools in community projects and run skills based sewing workshops for primary school children.


5. Small is beautiful. We don't want to be the biggest company in the world. We want to keep making beautiful products ourselves in our little workshop. That will not change.


6.Handmade is best. We love sewing so we make all our products by hand. We think that's best.


7. Love goes into all our products. We know how important your gift is to you and we sweat, toil and fret over every little detail so your gift is spot on and just made for you.


8. We love chocolate. Sorry. One from Pam. Chocolate fuels many a late night sewing session (when the kids are in bed and Simon is watching the footie with a brew).


9. Its all an adventure. There are a lot of easier things we could be doing, but we love running Freda's barn so much we could not think of doing anything else now.


10. It's all about happiness. Desiging and making all our products makes us really, really happy and we also want to make every one of our customers really happy too.  



Pam and the team. x

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