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Hello and thanks for stopping by.


I am often asked if my name is Freda and when people find out it is not, they ask me why the business is called Freda's Barn.


The story behind the name Freda's Barn started many years ago. Remember when you were little and your Grandma would come round to your house after school and always bring sweets. Well my grandma would always come to my house on a Monday, so when I got home from school I knew Grandma Freda would be there. But instead of giving sweets she would sit down with me and teach me how to sew.


Fast forward 30 odd years to when I was thinking of what to call a fabric business I was planning to launch - it was perfect to call it after my grandma, Freda. After all, everything I make is hand sewn using the skills my Grandma and subsequently my mum taught me.


The barn element to the business name is taken from the barn on the right which is a place I used to play in at my Grandma's when I was little.


Although my Grandma is no longer with us, the barn is still very much in the family (as you can see below) as my sister and her family live on the site of Grandma Freda's farm.




Freda's Barn now







Before I started Freda's Barn I spent 25 years in the NHS as a Senior Physiotherapist specialising in paediatric respiratory care.  Even then my creative side always seem to come out as I made presents for people and this came to the fore when I started my first business called Simply Elegant which specialised in making luxury wedding cakes.


Most of my time (especially during holidays) is spent with my 4 wonderful children, Emma, Charliey, Megan and Matt helping them enjoy life and them helping me with Freda's Barn of course!


The other person in my life is my husband Simon, with whom I will soon celebrate 25 years of marriage.


I love cadbury's choclolate, walks in the country (near our house) with the kids and walking on the beach at sunset in Cabanas de Tavira, Portugal - you will find me there every summer!!!


If you want to find out more about Freda's Barn then just grab a brew and get in touch. I would love to speak to you or say hello at one of the craft fairs I exhibit at. Just keep an eye out for where we will be on twitter and facebook or click here 


Pam (that's me below!)




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